LOVE is Everywhere

Have you ever closed your eyes and imagined how incredible it is to feel, to just be and relax on the planet? Hugged, laulghed or just slowed down to feel your breathing? It's natural to feel good, like children know the moment they are born. No matter where you stand on Planet Earth you have Love traveling with you. Read more

Game of Love

Our hands & words are so powerful. The words we send back and forth to each other have the power to heal the world - we here at IamthatIam are inviting you to join in on the game that is meant to be played here on Earth - the Game of Love. . .The Universe has given you, all of us, this unequivocal demonstraton of the Infinite Wisdom, precisioin and Perfection of Eternal Love. Read more

Blank Page

Every moment is new. We have the ability change reality in a flash of a moment. Use this power to choose to Love yourself, change your world. . .leave Love Notes randomly for people & encourage them to open their Hearts again. You are connected by Intelligence beyond the wildest imaginings of any person in history. Everyone is known, everyone is sacred, every need is heard. Love knows itself and answers it's own call. Read more

Meditate & About Us

We are dedicated to offer you the best service with support and updates you can rely on. Daily Meditation is key for you to understand yourself more fully, feel more deeply in tune with the Love that is carrying you and with every insight and physical sensation your awakened awareness delivers to you to become comfortable & used to the changes in your life. Read more

Videos & Blog

  • Disclosure
    The awakening Universe happens to and through everyone. The communications of the Universe with itself are expressed through all areas of creation....
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  • IamthatIam
    The ONEness
    As we awaken to our connections to ourselves, our higher Universe and creation we begin to relax in the knowing that there is only unconditional love answering our projections....
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  • IamthatIam Publishing Moon
    Get Grounded & Music
    Trust the information that your body tells you. Music can be a good indicator of where you at when you turn on the radio and the song reflects to you that you...
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  • IamthatIam Jesus
    Luke Paradox & The Bible
    The Bible and the Paradoxes in the Stories that trip you up and are actually meant to lighten you up....
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  • Earth IamthatIam
    Trusting Yourself & Love – Bono
    Trusting your inner being to guide you on your life path is a leap of Love. It is the feeling you were born with to manifest what you came here to do....
    Read more
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