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So what does that mean – IamthatIam Publishing?

You are living your life’s story – every step you take there is a new discovery, a treasure and something only for you to discover.

Only you get to live the magic that is ready for you.

love it all

There are ways to know more and more of it, and the more you play with it, the more you’ll not just see it – you’ll feel it all day every day.

From music to mountains you are surrounded by magic that is ready for you to play with it and be loved by it.

The good news is, it’s ongoing, & always ready for you –
& you are surely ready for it.

There are going to be moments in your life experience where you catch a glimpse of the miraculous –  it was created just for you.

I’ve been wide awake to the magic for a long time, now getting to see people wake up & get it, while also sharing ways to play with the magic that work is the most fun I’ve ever had!

Welcome to the miracles!

So what do I know about miracles? I've lived them and had to work one on myself:

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